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Company history

The company was established in 1940 by Ernest Blatter under the name Blatter AG. The first production facility was located in Winterthur.

In 1970, the company was taken over by former employees.

They changed the old name into Farros Blatter AG in Winterthur.

Farros Blatter has grown into the world leading manufacturer and supplier of specialized grinding machines for many different products including rolls for the paper industry and weld preparation facilities for pressure vessels.
Due to the increasing demand in grinding equipment of high quality Farros Grinding systems plans to be at the fore front of new markets.

In 1997, Farros Blatter AG was taken over by the Finnish- Swedish group METSO.

Their interest has been focussed onto the products and patents in the paper sector.

By dividing the company into two fields of activity - on the one hand equipment for the paper industry and one the other hand for the vessel construction - the company Metso prepared the sale of the non-paper industry department.

In 2004, Marc Hones and Jürg Widmer (two former employees) purchased the non-paper industry section and relocated the factory now named FARROS Grinding Systems GmbH at Matzingen.

In 2011, FARROS Grinding Systems GmbH could move in the new building in Frauenfeld.